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You’re probably wondering how we differ from other translation agencies, right? Well, in terms of being competitive, we’re highly motivated to give you just what you would expect from any professional, global translation service…and MORE. Basically, we put more into the process so that you get more out of it.

For example, translation agencies will tell you that they carefully screen linguists and hire only native speakers of the target languages. So do we… but then we do MORE by taking it one step further. Any vendor can provide an impressive test translation, but then produce substandard results if overbooked or under pressure. Not acceptable! ON TARGET hand-picks the team that will work on your projects. We look for qualified translators and editors with solid portfolios and recent recommendations; both much better predictors of future performance.

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We do our homework

Regardless of your deadline, we take the time to research your company fully, by reviewing your website and reading your white papers as well as those of your competitors, for starters. We must speak your language. If you have this information on hand, that’s great. -- the more we know about your company, the better our ability to do your translations. Click here to see an example of a Translation Brief (an important document that we will ask you for if you don’t have one) and click here for an example of a Transcreation Brief, more suitable for marketing or localization assignments.

We can do MORE with your existing translation assets

Most companies have internal bilingual or multilingual glossaries; some even have translation memories, either built internally or by a former translation agency. ON TARGET, too, has a panoply of specialized glossaries and translation memories (TMs) accumulated throughout the years by our project managers and top linguists.

But what happens when a start-up company has none of that, just a huge folder of English and French reference documents that nobody has time to sort through? That’s another area where we can do more. Our technological tools can align these documents automatically (i.e., match the English with the French) and then we edit for consistency before creating an English ↔ French translation memory exclusively for your use. Call us for an online or live demo.

More peace of mind with our
Non-Disclosure Agreements

Rest assured that everyone who works on your account for ON TARGET worldwide is bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, no exceptions! We are fully committed to preserving the confidentiality of any information from your company that is not already part of the public domain. We also safeguard your glossaries and translation memories and guarantee that they do not become part of an international melting pot of translation memory units in the Cloud. Your TMs are hosted on our secure server. And if and when we use Systran’s PNMT, we do not use the free version hosted on the web. We use one on a private server called Pure Neural translation on the SYSTRAN Enterprise Server, an expensive privilege for which we are happy to pay - it’s a small price for protecting your linguistic assets.

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