Even an internal memo should be properly translated -- how we speak to each other is easily as important as how we speak to our customers. But translating a memo doesn’t take the same skills as a report on artificial intelligence, or translating the technical specs for a foreign patent. The latter take more terminology research and expertise, and should be priced accordingly. That’s why an important first step is to evaluate your actual needs, and as translation experts, ON TARGET can do this for you.

EXAMPLE: If you require us to translate a fairly lengthy technical manual, we might recommend the Systran Pure Neural Machine Translation system to create a draft translation, which would then be comprehensively reviewed by a human editor in light of your creative brief and communications goals. This process would significantly drive down the translation cost AND shorten the delivery period. To learn more about this process and its benefits, click here.


We can also help contain costs

We can also help contain costs by using Studio 2017 Pro, the gold standard in Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. This allows us to leverage your existing translations with a translation memory database for future projects; all previously translated content can be reused when appropriate, ensuring significant savings.

Putting the power of tech into translation.

Translation memory is, quite simply, a linguistic database that continuously captures translations for future use. As words and phrases are professionally translated, the database grows, avoiding duplicate efforts down the road and resulting in significant cost savings for clients. More importantly, this lack of duplicate efforts (and resulting inconsistencies) ensures a consistent brand message and more reliable user experience.

To create and maintain each client’s unique Translation Memory, ON TARGET uses SDL Studio 2017, a CAT tool employed by over 250,000 translators worldwide. SDL is widely considered the best tool currently available on the market, featuring the flexibility to source outstanding linguists from all over the globe to ensure top-quality results. The number of formats handled by Studio 2017 is unparalleled.

EXAMPLE: When you send us an InDesign brochure or a PDF, we send you back the translation laid out almost exactly like your source document and it will require only minor layout adjustments by your graphic designer. This saves a huge amount of time and money, obviously. The same can be done for website pages. ON TARGET is happy to organize a live demo for interested businesses.