Our Team of Professional Translators

For the best content creators and translators, language is a passion. We know that people respond to words with strong emotions, get personally attached to brands, and make informed decisions based on how well-respected they feel. Words matter! In addition, new technologies and the Internet are magical gifts to communicators, enabling us to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time.

S.Nault Photo

Sylvie Nault, Marketing Director, Canadian Division Montréal,

English ↔ French Translation Project Manager and Translator
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Sylvie is a public relations specialist as well as a former account executive and linguistic services manager for the advertising industry. As a freelance translator of English to French-Canadian, she specializes in "transcreation", copywriting, human resources, consumer products, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, aesthetics medicine, transportation, mining and technical communications. Her client list, either as a direct or indirect supplier, includes Coup de Pouce and Elle Québec magazines, Transcontinental Media, PEAU Montréal, Archer Midland Daniels, Novo-Nordisk, Michelin, Proctor and Gamble, Armstrong Moving, the Red Cross. She is on working towards certification from the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTIAQ) in 2018.

Katherine Cornejo Velásquez Photo

Katherine Cornejo Velásquez, B.A. in Translation and Interpretation

English ↔ Spanish Translation Project Manager and Translator
Lima, Peru

Kathy has been working as a project manager in the translation industry since April 2012, learning how to deal with tight deadlines, non-editable documents and requests for less widespread languages. Her ability to solve a wide variety of translation challenges has made her a highly-valued asset to both colleagues and employers. She has also worked as a freelance translator, giving her a better understanding of team dynamics and working from the supplier side. Kathy is a proactive person, always in constant communication with the client and the linguistics team, and on a daily mission to meet the high-quality expectations of each and every project.

Billy Brown Photo

Billy Brown, MA in Localization and Translation Management and PhD in Experimental Physics

English ↔ Chinese Project Manager and Translator
Taichung City, Taiwan, ROC

Billy Brown is a capable and responsible project manager, who have devoted his passion in the industry for more than 30 years. As an award-winning translator, he can foresee what kinds of obstacles that a novice or seasoned translator may confronts and exerts all the possible methods and resource to assist in order to satisfy clients’ demanding requests.

He always understands what the clients’ need and choose the most suitable translator and editor who are ones of the team that he has worked with and led for years. As a skilful translator, he knows every secrete to pick the most competent translators and editors among the highly rated ones. With the utmost satisfaction of the clients every time, he proves himself to be one of the best PM in the industry. Actually, he is the three times’ winner in the translation contest held by Proz.com, the largest translation portal around the globe, and participated by hundreds of thousands of contestants. With his outstanding expertise, the clients greatly appreciate his efforts to make their business successful.


Richard Johnson Photo

Richard Johnson, B. Tech.

English ↔ French translator, Energy, Environment and Manufacturing Specialist
Rawdon, Québec

After 20 years of service in the electrical industry as the Technico-Commercial Representative/Contract Administrator of capital investment goods, Richard found himself looking for new challenges. Having developed an ability to write in both English and French, he decided to take a “Précis Writing” course at Montreal’s McGill University, after which he launched his own technical translation company in 1998. As clients came to depend on his competent translation skills and appreciate his attention to customer service, Richard’s company grew and his success continues. He now acts as Project Manager for extensive and specialized projects. His attributes of dedication, perseverance, and professionalism allow him to wear three hats as a translator, manager and self-employed business owner, all while delivering quality services to his clientele.

Lorrie Beauchamp Photo

Lorrie Beauchamp

Lorrie Beauchamp - FR-EN Translator, English Editor and Copywriter
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Lorrie Beauchamp is a wordsmith and word nerd extraordinaire. Her love affair with language and writing began at the age of eight when she started composing poems, stories and a daily journal that she still maintains today. Lorrie studied Journalism at Montreal’s Concordia University before launching a decades-long career in the advertising industry, embracing the challenge of learning effective communications and working with most of the major agencies in Montreal and Toronto. She developed a specialty in pharmaceutical writing, doing extensive research and developing CHE (Continuing Health Education) programs for physicians and specialists while travelling to Europe and throughout the USA. She launched her own specialty marketing agency in 2001, pooling resources from the freelance world to compete effectively on time and budget. From there, she went on to teach Creative Writing at Montreal’s Thomas More Institute, helped launch and was Executive Editor for a magazine in the transportation industry, and worked freelance as a translator from French to English. She is a published poet, short story writer, blogger and author, and is always working on a novel.

Yasmín Maguiña Photo

Yasmín Maguiña León, B.A. in Translation and Interpretation

English-Spanish Translator and Interpreter
Lima, Peru

Yasmín Maguina Leon has a B.A. in Translation and Interpretation and has worked with many translation agencies and directly for clients as a freelance translator. Her wide range of clients has given her the opportunity to translate a variety of content: training manuals that teach new employees how to work efficiently; sewing pattern instructions for the manufacture of high-end alpaca garments; detailed evaluations that help school teams determine what services and programs a child needs to succeed in a special education setting; and reports on the current situation of human rights in Latin American countries with corresponding recommendations to the relevant international organizations.