Sasha Cantrelle and Pierre Conan, our cofounders

When Sasha Cantrelle and Pierre Conan met in Brittany in 2010, little did they know that their passion for each other would soon develop
into a passion for working together, and ultimately giving birth to ON TARGET.

on brand.
on time.
on budget.

The couple’s brainstorm for ON TARGET is timely: leverage the latest tech tools available to translators while keeping an important “human touch”, as a way of guiding and aiding smaller companies that did not benefit from the linguistic resources a larger corporation might enjoy.

Our Mission Graphic

Our Mission

On Target Translation helps startups and SMBs to reach their potential clients worldwide by delivering personalized translation solutions to communicate their brand DNA effectively. From tagline creative adaptation to complex documents or budget-oriented Systran Pure Neural Machine translations fully edited by a translator, we will advise you on the best cost-effective service to attain your objectives.

Our Team Graphic

Our Team

For the best content creators and translators, language is a passion. We know that people respond to words with strong emotions, get personally attached to brands, and make informed decisions based on how well-respected they feel. Words matter! In addition, new technologies and the Internet are magical gifts to communicators, enabling us to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. We live in exciting times.

Our Executive team

Pierre Conan Photo

Pierre Conan


Paris, France

Sasha Cantrelle  Photo

Sasha Cantrelle


Paris, France

Sylvie Nault Photo

Sylvie Nault

COO and Marketing Manager,
Canadian Division

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dave Lalonde Photo

Dave Lalonde

Executive Vice President

Detroit, Michigan, USA