ON TARGET!! Translation was founded in Paris, France. We have offices there and branch offices in Montréal, Québec, Canada, and Detroit, Michigan, USA. These strategic locations allow us to pool our talent for global translation services in English and French -- including French from France and French from Québec!

Given that Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the USA and a widely-spoken language worldwide, we now offer Spanish translation. And as the third most-spoken language in the USA, Chinese (simplified and traditional) has also been added.

There are over one billion people worldwide whose native language is Chinese, constituting 20% of the world’s population. ON TARGET maintains that SMEs and start-up companies targeting a global audience must market their products and services to China. The Internet makes this easier, with China recently announcing a record 688 million citizens now connected to the Internet. That’s over half of all Chinese in the country, with the certainty that more will follow.

By 2020, the online retail market in China will be worth $1.5 trillion, with 22% of retail trade taking place over the Internet. It’s definitely time to translate your website to Chinese!

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We offer other languages in special domains on request

We realize that start-up companies and SMEs might need translation in languages other than the main ones used globally. No problem! As long as the source or target language is Chinese, English, French, or Spanish, we can find translators and editors in other languages. Contact us today to know more about how we can customize our approach to meet your needs.

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Using state-of- the-art tech tools and a pool of skilled linguists, ON TARGET brings you the best of both worlds to reach anyone around the world - in their native language.


Also referred to as “creative adaptation,” transcreation is a translation process that respects cultural references and subtle localized differences.

Neural Machine Translation

Today, the maturity of Big Data technology, coupled with the progress made in Artificial Intelligence, bring the power and sophistication necessary to propel the translation into the new stage of Deep Neural Network, the artificial neurons and the self-learning machine.

Website Localization

Thanks to SDL Studio 2017, ON TARGET Translation can provide you with fully functional and properly translated website... with the same links, images and layout formats of the original source web content.