We’ll Always Have Paris…

When Pierre Conan and Sasha Cantrelle met in Brittany, France, in 2010, little did they know that their passion for each other would soon develop into a passion for working together, and ultimately give birth to ON TARGET, the company they co-founded and launched in 2017.

The two founders first met by chance in Rennes where Pierre was working in the transportation industry and Sasha participating in a School Year Abroad program. Later, they both moved to Paris and went to the Paris-Sorbonne University where Pierre studied history while Sasha graduated with a Master’s in French Language and Literature.

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Sasha is working in the editorial department of Madame Figaro, a French magazine. You can read more about their respective career trajectories here.

Taking on the role of President for TARGET, Pierre is confident that his project management experience makes him the ideal person to manage deadlines, adapt rapidly to new situations and, most importantly, to surpass client expectations. His first and main mission is to grow the business in France and help expand it worldwide.

The couple’s brainstorm for ON TARGET is timely: leverage the latest tech tools available to translators while keeping an important “human touch”, as a way of guiding and aiding smaller companies that did not benefit from the linguistic resources a larger corporation might enjoy.

Further bolstered by the most insightful research in the industry, Pierre and Sasha then sought experienced and skilled linguists to apply the latest theories and to make it all happen with professionalism and cost-efficiency.

This new entry into the global translation market is the embodiment of Pierre and Sasha’s vision: a multilingual team of professionals dedicated to delivering personalized translation solutions for companies to communicate their brand effectively… on brand, on time, on budget… and ON TARGET.

With offices in Montréal, Canada, Paris, France, and Detroit, USA, ON TARGET is well positioned to do just that. Team members work in two time zones and are available to clients almost 24/7. The company is looking to open an office in China in late 2018, and is open for business now, ready for your call.