For your target groups, a little TLC goes a long way.

Common Sense Advisory, a global research company focused exclusively on globalization, localization, translation, and interpreting practices, reported that a large chunk of software vendors and enterprise planners insist that "their buyers and developers can handle English." Well, that would certainly make the business of communicating a whole lot easier and less costly, but is it true?



CSA conducted a study over eight countries to test the theory - proving that localization of language matters a lot… and a lot more than they thought. Without adapting their products to local needs, it’s easy to see why unilingual manufacturers are not gaining market share in emerging markets. If corporate purchasing agents in other regions can’t understand the language of the manufacturer’s website, it’s likely that they will purchase somewhere else.


Google recently reported that 15% of the search queries generated daily - about 500 million- are completely NEW to their engine. That’s huge. Think about it, it might very well be that people are searching in their mother tongue…


Our professionals can help make it painless.

Today, that scenario doesn’t need to happen. Website localization is easier than ever, thanks to the latest translation Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. We adopted SDL Studio 2017 because we consider it’s the best, but also because it works with a wide array of web formats: Your html 4/5 files, CSS sheets or others and images can be imported into Studio 2017 to be translated, and then edited by a knowledgeable ON TARGET linguist. The result: a fully functional and properly translated website... with the same links, images and layout formats of the original source web content. Seems too good to be true? We are looking forward to provide you with a sample web page of your choosing, FREE OF CHARGE.