Product details, competitive information, pricing – today, there is so much information available online that prospective customers are spending their time looking through it and using it for planning before they buy. Your message must resonate with your intended audience. We believe that knowledge of current language usage and a cultural understanding of your target market are required to yield advertising localization results that are a cut above the rest —and without clunky idioms that don’t translate well. That is what “Transcreation”, also called “Creative Adaptation”, is all about. Click here to learn more about this process.


Tagline adaptation: We do it right!

One of the most challenging tasks in Transcreation is the creation of a localized tagline. You have spent countless hours coming up with the perfect tagline or signature in your language… now let us do it justice! ON TARGET’s collaborators specialize in tagline cultural adaptation, and are native speakers and residents of your target audience with an expertise in marketing translation. As such, they are familiar with Creative Briefs; a document that we will request from you after providing a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you are hesitant about disclosing your Creative Platform, click here to see a template of our basic requirements.

Our policy is to provide you with a creative rationale and three (3) options for each tagline. We will also facilitate the discussion between you and the linguist working on your assignment, should you need any clarification or discussion. Please click here for an example.


The Art of the Pitch

We understand that presentations are all too often a last-minute rush. Here’s one scenario that may feel familiar: The Creative Director is busy making sure that all designs and copy are perfect when, all of a sudden, the VP of Client Services announces that the whole presentation, including the media strategy, has to be translated into French because the Head of Global Marketing is flying in from France for the occasion. That’s the perfect moment to call us, even if it’s on the weekend. We almost certainly will be able to make it happen on time and ON TARGET. Many of us have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt! Call us and we’ll tell you how we can rise to the occasion.


Narratives: Scripts, TV and radio messages, YouTube videos

Written and spoken content is not always the same, and narrative content needs special attention. Localized radio translations, as an example, need to respect the script's time codes. In the translation business, certain marketing translators have this special skill set. We aim to supply you with an AS RECORDED script as close as possible to your original so that it does not require too many edits during your recording session, saving you time and money. ON TARGET is proud to say that we have taken great care in sourcing experts who can adapt your content and make it shine.